What A Man <3

I’m highly inspired by mens wear, I’m loving http://www.DapperLou.com, it’s a very interesting website.



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I can’t say that I’m disappointed, I mean everything happens for a reason. people tryna shoot me down like it’s open season, never thought I gave them a reason to hate me, I remember those words of wisdom mommy gave me, it was either listen to the boss or pay the cost, when I didn’t listen to her, eventually I lost, so it’s up to you to listen, oh I forgot to mention, they say you can figure out why your present is your present, but don’t give your past all your attention, destiny is the key to it all, just remember you have to trip before your able to fall.

I Don’t Keep Many Close To Me… I Have #TrustIssues


Boxed in with no ambition

 We were having a photo shoot, and I came up with the idea to have us side by side, to capture the essence of friendship.


poolin & coolin

The other day my family and I went to the pool, I took this photo and just thought it was so peaceful.



Artistic yet so delirious, critiqued but so magnificent, heart of gold but fearless, hurtful in the most painful way they say, but they can’t hear the rain, they don’t hear the words shining through, but I prefer the moon, even on my lightest days I prefer the rain, I used to hear it when I was alone but I’m always with someone so that sound is gone, if I could take back these moments i wouldn’t, even if I wanted to I couldn’t , memories are never permanently erased, breathe slowly and pick up your pace, Life isn’t anything but a huge race, a far way from here the finish line awaits,  pray that God doesn’t let me run out of breathe, with flying colors, I plan to pass this test, who wants it the most i don’t know, but lets toast to the times we’ve had thus far, I’ll walk a million miles for you Lord no car, I believe that you saved me and you’ll do it again , but we all know everyone’s race has to come to an end.